A person who embodies an attitude and state of mind with superior taste, who is class conscious and introverted in enjoying the finer things in life........Be Bouj'ie

Bouji'e Girl was created for all the people who have ever been told they act different.......


Ladies I bring to you the start of a new day, a new way to, flaunt it, flick it, curl it, clip it, dye it, wave it, allow them to hate it. Quality hair to achieve the ultimate you.  I present Bouj'ie Girl Hair.


A women's hair possess her power.  The right hair can unleash the ultimate confidence and bring envy among all.  Bouj'ie Girl Hair is premium quality remy that is the best hair available. We have traveled all over the globe to provide the best hair for our clients. Guaranteed not to shed or tangle with proper care.  Enjoy the Bouj'ie Girl experience. 


Sincerely Yours,
                  Helena Elaine


Bouj'ie Girl Beauty Lounge

22101 Governors Highway

Richton Park, IL 60471

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